Gaza death toll rises: 78 more Palestinians killed

In the last 24 hours, Israeli forces have killed at least 78 Palestinians and injured 104 others in the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 30,878, the Gaza Health Ministry reported on Friday.

Publication: 08.03.2024 - 14:35
Gaza death toll rises: 78 more Palestinians killed
Abone Ol google-news

Since Oct. 7, Palestinian health authorities have documented 72,402 injuries resulting from Israeli attacks.

The ministry highlighted that in the past day, Israeli forces have carried out eight massacres against families in Gaza, with many victims trapped under rubble or stranded on roads due to the inability of rescue teams to reach them. The statement emphasized that children and women constitute 72% of the casualties from Israeli aggression in Gaza.

Despite the International Court of Justice’s provisional order for Israel to cease its actions, the violence continues, disproportionately affecting women and children. Since a cross-border attack by Hamas, which Israel states resulted in nearly 1,200 deaths, Israel has intensively bombarded the Gaza Strip.

The ongoing Israeli military campaign has led to the internal displacement of 85% of Gaza's population, amid critical shortages of food, clean water, and medical supplies. The UN reports that 60% of the enclave's infrastructure is damaged or destroyed.

Israel faces accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice, where an interim ruling in January demanded an immediate halt to genocidal acts and the assurance of humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza's civilians. Despite this, hostilities persist, and aid deliveries fall significantly short of meeting the urgent humanitarian needs.

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