FBI Thwarts Gate-Ramming Incident at Atlanta Office

An individual was apprehended after attempting to breach the gate of the FBI's Atlanta field office. The suspect, a Navy veteran from South Carolina whose name has yet to be disclosed, exited his vehicle before law enforcement took him into custody.

Publication: 02.04.2024 - 15:26
FBI Thwarts Gate-Ramming Incident at Atlanta Office
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Following his arrest Monday afternoon, the individual was transported to a hospital for evaluation and is currently being held by DeKalb County police, a federal law enforcement official confirmed. Bomb disposal units have since inspected and cleared the vehicle involved in the incident.

Fortunately, no injuries occurred during the episode, according to Peter Ellis, the FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, who briefed the media on site. Ellis explained that the suspect, unaffiliated with the facility, attempted to tailgate an employee through the front gate but was foiled by existing security measures.

This security breach attempt follows a recent FBI Atlanta field office drill, conducted roughly two weeks prior, focusing on unauthorized entry response, a law enforcement source familiar with the bureau’s security protocols revealed to CNN.

While the motive behind the intrusion remains uncertain, it occurs amid heightened security measures implemented by the FBI to counteract an uptick in threats against its personnel. This initiative follows an attempted attack on a Cincinnati FBI office in 2022.

The suspect remained silent during the arrest process, a law enforcement official disclosed. The FBI has launched an investigation into the incident, considering both state and federal charges. "At this time, we are examining potential state and federal charges," Ellis stated.

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