Coup attempt foiled in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz State Committee for National Security announced that a coup attempt in the country has been thwarted.

Publication: 05.07.2024 - 13:49
Coup attempt foiled in Kyrgyzstan
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In a statement, the committee detailed, "As part of measures to ensure citizens' safety and protect the foundations of constitutional order, the illegal activities of a subversive group planning to seize power through violence and incite mass unrest leading to citizens' deaths have been suppressed."

The group behind the coup attempt was described as consisting of individuals "supporting criminal ideology and fervently advocating religious fanaticism."

Four Arrested

As a result of investigative and operational measures, four individuals were detained and taken to a temporary detention center.

The statement also noted that searches of the detainees' residences and vehicles uncovered homemade explosive devices, firearms, ammunition, radios, bulletproof vests, law enforcement uniforms, drones, extremist publications, and other prohibited items.