Caught in cartel crossfire: The last hours of a woman in Mexico

In Mexico, a woman abducted by members of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel was found dead by the roadside hours after being forcibly interrogated at gunpoint and left semi-naked. Laura Karen Rodriguez Moreno was the woman held by the cartel members, who coerced her into confessing her affiliation with a rival drug cartel and her collusion with local police.

Publication: 08.04.2024 - 13:33
Caught in cartel crossfire: The last hours of a woman in Mexico
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Local media reported that Moreno was pressured into admitting her part in the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and alleged connections between the CJNG and the Guanajuato Municipal Police.

A video of the interrogation shared on social media shows Moreno, during the night, in front of a white car, being interrogated by cartel members while semi-naked.

Armed, masked men surrounding her can be seen asking various questions. When asked where she lived, Moreno replied, "In the Virreyes neighborhood, at 404 Calle 30 de Septiembre. I work for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, and we are supported by the Salamanca municipal police."

Asked about the quantity of "material" or drugs she received and their suppliers, Moreno named "Valentino and Quique" as "two young men on motorcycles" who provided her with "30 pieces."

As the interrogation continued, Moreno disclosed that she was paid 20 pesos for each piece sold, adding, "I have been doing this job for six months."

Hours after the interrogation video was shot by the cartel members, Moreno's body was discovered on the roadside in Salamanca.

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