Baltimore bridge collapse: $60M in federal funds allocated for reconstruction

The Biden administration has allocated $60 million in federal funds to rebuild the Baltimore bridge in Maryland, which collapsed after a Singapore-flagged cargo ship collided with it on Tuesday.

Publication: 29.03.2024 - 11:13
Baltimore bridge collapse: $60M in federal funds allocated for reconstruction
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This initial funding, authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday, marks the beginning of an emergency reconstruction effort for the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with total project costs expected to surpass $2 billion.

The Department of Transportation stated that this initial allocation would cover the beginning phases of reconstruction, with more funds from the Emergency Relief program to follow as the project progresses. The catastrophic collapse, caused by a vessel carrying nearly 4,700 containers, resulted in six fatalities and significant disruptions at one of the United States' busiest ports.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg emphasized the unforgettable tragedy of the incident and assured ongoing federal support for Maryland's urgent reconstruction efforts. Maryland Governor Wes Moore highlighted the importance of the project for the national economy, noting the port's key role in handling automobiles and farm equipment more than any other American port. A massive crane, capable of lifting up to 1,000 tons, is being transported to the site to assist in clearing debris from the collapsed bridge.

President Joe Biden has promised extensive federal support for the reconstruction, facing criticism from Republican lawmakers like U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman, who argue against federal spending on the project. The National Transportation Safety Board has begun investigating the crash.

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