Turkish astrophotographer Mehmet Ergün wins prestigious award

Turkish astrophotographer Mehmet Ergün has achieved a significant milestone by securing third place in the highly competitive Sun category of the Royal Observatory Greenwich's Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition.

Publication: 29.11.2023 - 11:04
Turkish astrophotographer Mehmet Ergün wins prestigious award
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His winning entry, titled "The Great Solar Flare," is a testament to his skill in capturing celestial phenomena. The photograph, which features a large solar explosion, was taken using a 500-millimeter lens along with specialized equipment and filters, showcasing Ergün's expertise in astrophotography.

The contest, renowned as a premier event in the field of astronomical photography, received over 4,000 entries from 64 countries this year, highlighting its global scale and intense competition. Ergün's achievement is particularly remarkable given the challenging nature of the Sun category, which is known for its complexity and the high level of skill required to capture detailed images of the Sun.

Expressing his pride, Ergün commented on the significance of this award, noting that it was an honor to be recognized among thousands of entries from around the world. He expressed his delight at being acknowledged in such a prestigious competition, underscoring his numerous successes in international photography contests.

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