Turkey's obesity rates surge amid rich culinary traditions

Adana, known for its prevalent night eating culture, has emerged as Turkey's most obese province, according to experts urging locals to engage in sports. Residents argue that Adana is not conducive to dieting due to its rich culinary offerings.

Publication: 04.03.2024 - 15:46
Turkey's obesity rates surge amid rich culinary traditions
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Turkey grapples with obesity, affecting over a billion people globally. Ranking 42nd for women and 60th for men among 200 countries, obesity increases the risk of serious health issues including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

The World Health Organization reports that Turkey leads Europe with a 66.8% obesity rate, followed by the UK, Greece, Spain, and France. The Turkey Obesity Research Association (TOAD) identifies Adana as the most obese province and Erzurum as the fittest. Experts attribute Adana's high obesity rate to its delicious cuisine and widespread habit of night eating.

Dr. Kuntay Kaplan, a specialist in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery at Adana City Training and Research Hospital, emphasizes obesity as a severe public health issue. With one in three Turks obese, he outlines obesity classifications based on body mass index (BMI) parameters and highlights obesity-associated diseases.

Dr. Kaplan recommends regular exercise and a balanced diet as primary obesity treatments before considering surgery. He points out Adana's rich cuisine as a factor in its obesity prevalence and urges regular physical activity and healthy eating among locals.

Recep Haydutlu, a patient scheduled for obesity surgery, shares his struggles with dieting in Adana. Despite attempts at dieting and exercise, he found success elusive due to the irresistible local cuisine. Haydutlu sees surgery as the best solution, hoping for a fit and healthy future post-operation.

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