Persistent thief targets Istanbul café for 16th time

In Istanbul's Esenyurt district, a persistent burglar has driven a café owner to despair. İsmet Bozacı, the owner, reported that his establishment has been targeted 15 times in the past two years. "I have 16 cameras and an alarm system, but they still can't stop the thief," he said, urging authorities for a solution.

Publication: 22.06.2024 - 14:42
Persistent thief targets Istanbul café for 16th time
Abone Ol google-news

The latest burglary occurred in Esenyurt's Sultaniye neighborhood on 331st Street. The thief entered the café through a window, ignoring the two alarms and 16 cameras. Within 22 seconds, he stole a television. The entire incident was captured by security cameras. Footage showed the thief waiting outside before forcing the windows open, entering the café, and taking the wall-mounted television. Police have reviewed the security footage and launched an investigation to apprehend the identified suspect.

Bozacı expressed his frustration over the repeated burglaries. "We took over this place two years ago, and we've been robbed 15 times since. We didn’t report every incident because some thieves are so professional—they cover their faces and wear gloves. This time, we saw the thief's face on camera. We filed a complaint, but nothing has come of it. Officially, three televisions, laptops, chargers, and money have been stolen. We need a solution. It's 2024, and despite all the cameras, this person hasn't been caught. I don’t understand why," he said.

Bozacı added, "I call the police, they check for fingerprints, but they say there’s nothing. I’m a local business owner, and I feel helpless. I want to buy a new television, but I'm afraid it will be stolen again. We lock up and check everything at night. Despite the cameras and alarms, the thief isn’t deterred. During the last break-in, he took the TV in 22 seconds. It's the same thief from previous incidents. We want him caught and given the harshest penalty. There are many business owners here who are suffering."

Bozacı's plea highlights the ongoing struggle small business owners face against repeat offenders and the need for more effective law enforcement measures.