New entry regulations implemented for Hagia Sophia

New entry regulations for the Hagia Sophia are now in effect. The museum has reconfigured the entrance areas for tourists, enhanced security measures, and set an admission fee of 25 euros.

Publication: 15.01.2024 - 15:27
New entry regulations implemented for Hagia Sophia
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The Hagia Sophia, which was converted back into a mosque in 2020 after revoking its museum status, has positioned the ticket booth for the gallery floor directly opposite the Fountain of Ahmed III.

The facility now includes security cameras, fire detection, and emergency announcement systems throughout the visitor route. Controlled access will be maintained through a tunnel and entrance ramp located beneath the minaret of Sultan Bayezid II on the southern side.

Visitors will also be directed to the gallery floor, exiting via the ramp on the northeast.

Tourists to Pay 25 Euros

Tourists visiting the gallery section will be able to view the mosque's main prayer area and Ottoman-era additions. They will pass through the Gate of Heaven and Hell, and have the opportunity to examine Byzantine-era mosaics. Information will be available in 23 languages.

Starting today, tourists will be required to pay 25 euros to enter the Hagia Sophia under these new regulations.