Istanbul surpasses the population of 131 countries: A city bursting at the seams

With a staggering population of 15,655,924, Istanbul not only houses 18.34% of Turkey's total population but also surpasses the population of 131 countries, making it not just Europe's most populous city but also a metropolis that exceeds entire nations in terms of inhabitants.

Publication: 07.02.2024 - 16:46
Istanbul surpasses the population of 131 countries: A city bursting at the seams
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Even amidst a decline in population growth last year, Istanbul continued to host more people than countries such as Portugal and Hungary, each with 10.2 million, Tunisia with 12.5 million, and Belgium with 11.7 million inhabitants. Other nations falling behind Istanbul's massive population include Jordan, Greece, and Azerbaijan, showcasing the city's immense scale and density.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the list of countries with populations smaller than Istanbul includes diverse nations from across the globe:

- Guinea

- Rwanda

- Benin

- Burundi

- Tunisia

- Bolivia

- Belgium

- Haiti

- Dominican Republic

- Jordan

- Cuba

- South Sudan

- Honduras

- Sweden

- Czech Republic

- Azerbaijan

- Greece

- Papua New Guinea

- Hungary

- Portugal

- Tajikistan

- Belarus

- United Arab Emirates

- Israel

- Togo

- Austria

- Sierra Leone

- Switzerland

To put Istanbul's astounding population density into perspective, imagine cramming 3,013 individuals into every square kilometer, highlighting the city's unique position as a cultural and economic powerhouse that rivals entire countries. This bustling metropolis, bridging two continents, is a living testament to Turkey's rich heritage and its role as a crossroads of civilizations. Istanbul's ability to accommodate such a vast number of residents reflects its sprawling urban landscape, vibrant culture, and economic dynamism, making it a fascinating case study of urbanization and cultural diversity.

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