Interpol-wanted drug cartel leader arrested in Istanbul

In a significant blow to international narcotics trafficking, Rawi Ali Qureshi, the leader of a notorious drug cartel sought by the Netherlands under an Interpol Red Notice, was apprehended in Istanbul during a meticulously coordinated operation dubbed "Cartel-5."

Publication: 03.02.2024 - 10:43
Interpol-wanted drug cartel leader arrested in Istanbul
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Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya took to social media to detail the arrest and the broader implications of the operation. "With the arrest of Rawi Ali Qureshi in the 'Cartel-5' operation in Istanbul, we have sent a clear message: regardless of their notoriety or the severity of their crimes, there will be no refuge for international organized crime syndicates and drug traffickers," Yerlikaya stated.

The operation, a joint effort by the Istanbul Police Department's Narcotics, Intelligence, Migrant Smuggling, and Border Gates Divisions, culminated in Qureshi's capture in the Kagithane district of Istanbul. He was notably wanted for his significant role in the global drug trade, particularly for coordinating large-scale cocaine shipments to the Netherlands, totaling 6 tons through various means, including ships, speedboats, and aircraft. Qureshi was also instrumental in establishing storage facilities for these narcotics and overseeing the financial operations of his drug trafficking network.

Minister Yerlikaya praised the dedication and bravery of the police officers involved in the operation. "Our nation's prayers are with these heroic officers. Their unwavering commitment to safeguarding our society underscores our determination to eradicate the scourge of drug trafficking and organized crime from our country," he affirmed.

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