Germany reports asylum spike; Turkish applicants rank second

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in Germany reported a notable increase in asylum applications in 2023.

Publication: 09.01.2024 - 10:45
Germany reports asylum spike; Turkish applicants rank second
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New applications escalated to 329,120, a 51.1% increase from the previous year's 217,774. The total count of individuals reapplying for asylum after initial rejections reached 351,915.

In 2023, BAMF resolved 261,601 applications, with 51.7% receiving positive outcomes. Around 62,000 were rejected, and the process for 65,000 was halted due to various reasons. The average time taken to process these applications across Germany was 6.8 months.

BAMF data reveals that about 23,000 of the initial applications were filed by infants born in Germany, all under one year old.

Syrians lead in asylum applications according to BAMF, with a total of 104,561 submissions, including 102,930 first-time applications. Turkish citizens followed with 62,624 applications, 61,181 being initial submissions.

Following Turkey, Afghan nationals submitted 53,582 applications, while Iraqis and Iranians filed 12,360 and 10,206 applications, respectively.

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