Fire in Şişli nightclub: 29 dead, death toll rising

A fire broke out in a night club under renovation after an alleged explosion in Şişli. Death toll has reached to 15. Governor Gül and Minister Yerlikaya also made a statements.

Publication: 02.04.2024 - 16:01
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A fire broke out after an alleged explosion in a night club under renovation in Şişli.

The incident occurred around 13.00 at Yıldız Posta Boulivard Esentepe Neighbourhood Gönenoğlu Street in Şişli Gayrettepe.

According to the allegations, there was an explosion near the stage during the renovation of the Masquerade nightclub on the bottom floor of the 16-story building, which was closed due to Ramadan.

After the explosion, a fire broke out in the nightclub. As the fire grew, the club and the building filled with smoke. At that time, those who were in the club and the building were trapped inside.

Many firefighters, paramedics were dispatched to the scene.


Istanbul Governor Davut Gül went to the scene and received information from the authorities.

Making statements about the fire, Governor Gül said,

"Our condolences to all of us. A total of 23 people were affected in the incident. Unfortunately, there are 8 people who lost their lives. 15 people are injured. Among 15 wounded, 6 people are a little more seriously injured. Their identities are not yet clear.  The cause of the fire is not clear. The place was being used as a discotheque under the building. It was being renovated. Due to the renovation, employees lost their lives and were injured. Our police, health and fire brigade teams intervened at the scene from the first moment. The treatment of the injured continues in our hospitals. This nightclub has a license obtained in 1987. In 2018, the licence was renewed."


Making a statement on his social media account, Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya said,

"An investigation has been initiated into the fire that occurred in Istanbul Beşiktaş Gayrettepe. I wish Allah's mercy to those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to the injured. We will continue to share the developments on the subject with the public."


Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu also made a statement about the fire.

"We are very sorry that 8 of our citizens lost their lives in the fire in Gayrettepe. We have 15 injured, 6 of whom are seriously injured. I wish Allah's mercy to our citizens who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to our wounded."


Death toll rise to 29 as almost all the wounded die due to further complications. Leaving only one heavily injured survivor so far.

4 to 5 people were arrested in relation to the fire. Identities of the arrested persons are yet to be announced.



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