British media's startling claim: 'Bombs transported from İncirlik to Gaza'

A US military transport plane, reportedly taking off from İncirlik Air Base, is alleged to have carried munitions to Israel. According to the claim, bombs from Italy were transported to Israel via İncirlik and Cyprus.

Publication: 24.01.2024 - 13:55
British media's startling claim: 'Bombs transported from İncirlik to Gaza'
Abone Ol google-news

Declassified UK, a UK-based investigative journalism outlet, claimed that a US C-130 military transport aircraft facilitated the transport of bombs from İncirlik Air Base to Gaza.

Sharing the aircraft's travel details on its social media account, Declassified UK stated, "The US Air Force dispatched a C-130 Hercules from Turkey's İncirlik base to the RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus, which is used for supplying weapons to Israel."

Posing the question, "What were the Americans leaving at the British base in Cyprus?" Declassified UK also reported about the same plane, "The previous day, it was at Italy's Aviano base, home to the US 31st Munitions Squadron, which stocks bombs for F-16 fighter jets used by Israel to bomb Gaza."

Declassified UK added, "The US C-130 military transport plane returned to Turkey's İncirlik just an hour later."

Previously, Declassified UK reported, "An A400M military transport plane operated by the RAF landed in Tel Aviv. The British military refuses to disclose what the dozens of planes it sent to Israel were carrying."

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