Qatar Airways debuts world's first AI cabin crew

Qatar Airways has made history by unveiling the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) cabin crew member, Sema 2.0, at the ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair in Berlin, Germany, from March 5-7.

Publication: 08.03.2024 - 12:46
Qatar Airways debuts world's first AI cabin crew
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Accessible via the airline's digital platform, QVerse, Sema 2.0 offers passengers support with baggage allowance procedures and the check-in process, in addition to flight and travel planning assistance.

Passengers can also learn answers to frequently asked questions on a variety of topics from Sema 2.0.

Designed in collaboration with New Zealand-based AI firm UneeQ, Sema 2.0 comes with a created backstory, stating it was "born" in Doha, Qatar, and underwent special training at Qatar Airways before being employed.

Babar Rahman, Assistant Director of Marketing at Qatar Airways, emphasized the implementation of Sema 2.0 highlights the airline's commitment to fostering personal connections with its passengers. He expects that these friendly and engaging interactions will enhance customer satisfaction.

Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ, noted that Sema 2.0 embodies the company's principles, demonstrating the "endless possibilities of artificial intelligence."

The AI-powered program is expected to evolve and provide more accurate responses over time by learning from conversations with passengers and processing new information.

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