Google enacts major layoffs in advertising division

Google, known for recently separating from thousands of employees in its Google Assistant and AR engineering teams, is now implementing layoffs in its advertising department, impacting hundreds of workers.

Publication: 17.01.2024 - 13:57
Google enacts major layoffs in advertising division
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The trend of layoffs has been prevalent in the technology sector due to technological advancements and economic challenges. Many companies, including Google, have resorted to reducing their workforce as a strategic move. Following the recent dismissal of over a thousand employees, Google announced further cuts, particularly in roles influenced by artificial intelligence in the advertising department.

AI-Driven Restructuring in Tech Companies

According to The Information, Google's advertising division boasts over 30,000 employees spread across various units. The company is embracing AI and machine learning in its advertising and purchasing operations, necessitating a significant restructuring.

Google confirmed these changes in a recent statement, explaining their annual practice of team reorganization to optimize service delivery. The restructuring will eliminate several hundred roles globally, with affected employees encouraged to apply for other open positions within Google.

The trend of layoffs extends beyond Google, affecting other tech giants like Amazon, Meta, Unity, and Duolingo. This pattern indicates a broader industry shift, with more companies expected to follow suit in the face of evolving technological demands.