ChatGPT drafts medical reports 10 times faster than doctors

Scientists have found that the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT can prepare medical reports approximately 10 times faster than doctors.

Publication: 31.03.2024 - 19:02
ChatGPT drafts medical reports 10 times faster than doctors
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Swedish and Swiss researchers conducted a pilot study comparing ChatGPT with human effort in terms of speed and consistency across six cases. According to the study, hospital discharge papers for fictional cases created by two orthopedic surgeons were filled out by both doctors and ChatGPT.

The reports were presented to a panel of 15 experts in the field. While the experts could not differentiate between the reports, it was found that doctors spent an average of 27.8 minutes on each manually prepared report, whereas ChatGPT required only an average of 2.9 minutes to produce a report of similar quality.

Artificial Intelligence is 10 Times Faster Than Humans

Cyrus Broden, an orthopedic doctor at Uppsala University Hospital in Switzerland, noted that the notes prepared by Chat GPT were generally similar in quality to those prepared manually but highlighted that artificial intelligence operates about 10 times faster than humans.

Broden mentioned that they have already started working on a more extensive AI test involving the medical records of 1,000 actual patients.

Highlighting the excessive paperwork burden on doctors, Broden stated, "Advancements in artificial intelligence present opportunities to reduce the administrative load on healthcare workers. This could allow doctors to dedicate more time to their patients."

The study was published in the journal "Acta Orthopaedica."

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