AI glasses unveil instant translation: A communication breakthrough

Brilliant Labs recently unveiled its Frame AI Glasses, a smart eyewear capable of instant translation through artificial intelligence. While smart glasses have been part of our lives for years, devices like the Apple Vision Pro have brought augmented reality headsets and smart glasses into greater prominence.

Publication: 09.02.2024 - 17:29
AI glasses unveil instant translation: A communication breakthrough
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The introduction of "generative AI and others" in 2023 marked a significant moment, signaling AI's expansion into consumer electronics. Frame AI Glasses, available in three colors, feature a microLED display that projects information directly in front of the wearer's eyes. This technology can scan products in real-time, displaying price information or even the nutritional content of food items on its screen.

Although comparisons with the more expensive Apple Vision Pro may arise, Frame AI Glasses are positioned as a more affordable option, priced at $350. Despite its optical appearance, the device stands out for its AI-driven functionality.

The battery, located behind the ear on the frame, is designed to be unobtrusive. While no specific battery life is provided, the glasses include a camera and utilize AI to analyze the environment and provide information.

One of the most anticipated features is real-time language translation. The launch date for the smart glasses is set for April.

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