Uğurcan Çakır: 'We deserved the Final'

The Turkish National Team bid farewell to the tournament after being eliminated by the Netherlands. Upon returning to Turkey, Uğurcan Çakır made a brief statement at the airport.

Publication: 08.07.2024 - 12:47
Uğurcan Çakır: 'We deserved the Final'
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After Turkish National Football Team's elimination from EURO 2024, Uğurcan Çakır addressed the media.

In his statement, Çakır said, "It was a good tournament for us. We deserved to be in the final. If we made our country a little happy, we are glad. Everyone truly gave their best effort. Hopefully, we will learn from these days and look to the future with better prospects."

'We Showed a Good Performance'

The goalkeeper added, "We showed good performance in this tournament. We have a very young and talented squad. The coach's game plans for this tournament were successful. Hopefully, we can achieve even greater successes in the future.