UEFA launches investigation against Merih Demiral

UEFA has initiated an investigation after Merih Demiral's goal celebration during the Austria match.

Publication: 04.07.2024 - 11:24
UEFA launches investigation against Merih Demiral
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In the EURO 2024 Round of 16 match, Turkey defeated Austria 2-1, with both goals scored by Merih Demiral. Following his goal, the national player made a "bozkurt" (gray wolf) gesture, prompting UEFA to open an investigation.

UEFA's Disciplinary Inquiry

UEFA released a statement saying, "On July 2, 2024, in Leipzig, Germany, during the 2024 UEFA European Championship Round of 16 match between Austria and Turkey, an investigation has been opened under Article 31(4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations due to alleged inappropriate behavior by Turkish Football Federation player Merih Demiral. Further details will be provided in the coming days."

Merih Demiral's Response

Regarding his goal celebration, Demiral said, "I am very happy to have scored two goals. I had a specific celebration in mind, related to my Turkish identity. I am incredibly proud to be Turkish, and I felt this deeply after scoring. That's why I wanted to make that gesture, and I'm very happy I did. All our fans are proud of us. I saw fans making the gesture in the stands, which motivated me even more. In Turkey, we are all proud to be Turkish, and I emphasize this every time. That’s why I celebrated the way I did. It's completely normal, and our Turkish fans are proud of us. I hope we continue to do this. There is no hidden message, I just wanted to show how proud and happy I am."

Demiral's actions and statements reflect his pride in his national identity, a sentiment shared by many fans. However, UEFA's investigation will determine if any disciplinary measures are necessary.