TFF plans to introduce a new VAR system in the Super Lig next month

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) is set to unveil an innovative VAR system in the Trendyol Super Lig 2023-24 season, starting on February 18. TFF Vice President Mustafa Erogut made this announcement during a press conference in Ankara, emphasizing the federation's commitment to transparency.

Publication: 31.01.2024 - 15:55
TFF plans to introduce a new VAR system in the Super Lig next month
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The groundbreaking system will enable the public to access video recordings of referee decisions made using the Video Assistant Referee System (VAR). Drawing inspiration from Spain's La Liga, the TFF aims to share VAR footage of Super Lig matches with fans, pending the successful completion of the testing phase.

Mustafa Ilker Coskun, a VAR referee, shed light on the Semi-Automatic Offside System, revealing the installation of ten high-resolution cameras in Super Lig stadiums. These cameras swiftly transmit images to the VAR center, significantly reducing the time required for position reviews and animations broadcast to viewers.

Furthermore, significant changes are on the horizon for UEFA Observers and the Central Referee Board (MHK) structure. Ten influential UEFA officials will assume key roles as observers in Turkish refereeing, accounting for 50% of a referee's match score. Stadium-based match observers will contribute 30% to the score, while the grades from a comprehensive survey, involving VAR referees, match referees, and other stakeholders, will carry a 20% weightage in the referee's overall evaluation.

These transformative adjustments are slated to take effect with the commencement of Week 26 matches in the Trendyol Super Lig. The MHK will also undergo a structural transformation, comprising five members. While three members will be appointed by the TFF, two members will be nominated and mutually approved by the Turkish Union of Clubs.

Vice President Erogut clarified that the Turkish Union of Clubs' representatives would not be club representatives, as this would contravene FIFA regulations. The Turkish Union of Clubs will propose individuals who are not affiliated with any club, ensuring compliance with international guidelines.

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