Lamine Yamal aims for championship!

Spain's national team player, Lamine Yamal, spoke after the match against France.

Publication: 10.07.2024 - 11:13
Lamine Yamal aims for championship!
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Spain Reaches EURO 2024 Final

Lamine Yamal made history by scoring a goal in the match against France, which led the Spanish national team to the EURO 2024 final. After the game, he shared his thoughts.

Yamal's Post-Match Reflections

"We've reached the final, and now the most important task remains: winning the championship. We faced tough moments, and no one expected us to concede a goal so early," Yamal said.

On His Goal

Speaking about his goal, Yamal remarked, "I received the ball and took a shot. It was a beautiful goal, and I'm very happy."

Focus on the Game, Not Age

He continued, "I try not to think too much about my age. I focus on enjoying the game and helping my team. I want to win. My goal is to celebrate my birthday here in Germany."

Man of the Match

Yamal was named the best player of the match against France.


With his goal, Yamal broke Pele's record, becoming the youngest player to score in a major tournament.