Derrick Kohn Transfers to Galatasaray from Hannover 96

Derrick Kohn has signed with Galatasaray from Hannover 96, sealing a deal that extends through the 2025/2026 season.

Publication: 09.02.2024 - 14:38
Derrick Kohn Transfers to Galatasaray from Hannover 96
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Galatasaray announced, "We have reached an agreement for the transfer of professional footballer Derrick Arthur Köhn with Hannover 96 GmbH & Co. KG. The agreement includes a transfer fee of €3,350,000 ($3,610,000) and an additional conditional bonus of €300,000 payable to his former club."

The club further stated, "Kohn has signed a contract valid until the end of the 2025/2026 season, with an option for Galatasaray to extend it through the 2027/2028 season."

Regarding compensation, Galatasaray disclosed that Kohn would receive a net annual salary of €300,000 for the 2023/2024 season, €450,000 for the 2024/2025 season, and €500,000 for the 2025/2026 season, along with a one-time signing bonus of €50,000.

The 25-year-old left-back has made a significant impact at Hannover 96, contributing eight goals and 12 assists over 53 matches.

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