BeIN extends broadcast rights: A three-year deal for Turkey's Super Lig

The Qatari media conglomerate BeIN has successfully renewed its broadcasting rights with Turkey's premier football competitions, ensuring that fans will continue to enjoy the high-energy matches of the Super Lig and Turkey 1. Lig for another three years.

Publication: 04.03.2024 - 11:13
BeIN extends broadcast rights: A three-year deal for Turkey's Super Lig
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This renewal, announced jointly by BeIN and the Turkish Football Federation on Saturday, marks a significant commitment by BeIN, with an agreement to pay $182 million per season for the broadcasting rights. This deal not only underscores BeIN's dedication to Turkish football but also its intention to maintain a prominent role in the global sports broadcasting landscape.

This strategic partnership between BeIN and the Turkish Football Federation has been pivotal in bringing the fervor and passion of Turkish football to a worldwide audience. By securing the rights to broadcast both the Super Lig and Turkey 1. Lig, BeIN reinforces its portfolio of international sports content, catering to a diverse and global fan base eager for top-tier football action. The investment reflects the value placed on Turkish football and its growing appeal across continents, promising continued access to thrilling matches and showcasing Turkey's rising talent on the international stage.

The renewed agreement signifies more than just the continuation of a fruitful partnership; it represents a substantial investment in the future of Turkish football. With this deal, the Turkish Football Federation ensures the ongoing promotion and international visibility of its leagues, contributing to the sport's development within the country and its reputation abroad. For fans around the world, this means three more years of uninterrupted access to some of the most competitive and entertaining football Turkey has to offer, strengthening the bond between the sport and its global community.

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