Arda Güler's family speaks: 'We don't talk football with him'

As the Turkish National Football Team prepares to face Austria in the Round of 16 at EURO 2024, young star Arda Güler has captured attention with his performance. Güler's parents, Serap and Ümit Güler, shared insights about their son. Ümit Güler explained, "We don't talk football with Arda. We don't want to put additional pressure on him. We just discuss normal life."

Publication: 28.06.2024 - 14:59
Arda Güler's family speaks: 'We don't talk football with him'
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Focus on Normalcy

In an interview with Sabah, Serap and Ümit Güler spoke about their son, Arda. Ümit Güler recalled TFF executive Hamit Altıntop's comment after the Portugal match, stating, "Arda is a smart kid; he isn't affected by social media criticism." He added, "We also avoid talking football with Arda. We don't want to increase the pressure on him. We focus on discussing everyday life to help him relax."

'An Arda Güler Doesn't Come Easy'

Commenting on Arda's rise over the past two years, Ümit Güler said, "We've witnessed Arda's growth, but producing a talent like Arda Güler isn't easy. This season was particularly tough, especially with the injury he faced at Real Madrid. Thankfully, he's recovered now and is doing well."

When reminded of how beloved Arda is among footballers without a club, both parents expressed their pride. "We are very proud of how much he is loved. We hope both he and our national team achieve great success," they concluded.

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