Arda Güler on Austria match: 'It was a revenge game'

Arda Güler made a statement following the Turkish National Team's victory over Austria, which secured their spot in the quarterfinals.

Publication: 03.07.2024 - 12:38
Arda Güler on Austria match: 'It was a revenge game'
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Speaking after the match, Arda Güler said, "It was an incredible evening. We are even happier because we made all our people happy. There was a team that gave everything to win. We had a specific game plan, and we stuck to it. The atmosphere here was incredible, and it fueled us even more."

Highlighting that Montella played him in a different position, Arda added, "Against such opponents, when we get behind the ball, we all need to run. Today, I played in a position I’m not used to. The coach used me as a forward. However, we had a specific game plan. He wanted me to be the connecting player. We did our best."


The young player said they avenged their previous loss to Austria, "We suffered a bad defeat in the last friendly match. We knew this was a revenge game."

Arda Güler also commented, "I can imagine Berlin. Seeing this, it will be incredible there too. Hopefully, we will make our people happy in that match as well."