The world's first 'mind-reading helmet' has been produced!

Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney have developed a helmet that can read minds. Researchers designed a helmet that reads brain waves through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and converts them into readable texts.

Publication: 14.12.2023 - 17:29
The world's first 'mind-reading helmet' has been produced!
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During the experiments, participants wear a helmet full of sensors and, while reading a random text, the AI sensors follow the brain waves. These brain waves are then converted into text.

Thanks to the helmet, electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings are converted into text using an AI model called DeWave. This means that the helmet essentially reads people's minds.


According to a report in UniLAD, a helmet that reads one participant's thoughts converted them into: "Afternoon! Are you okay? Cappuccino, extra shot. Espresso."

29 people participated in the initial study, and the success rate was measured at about 40%.

Chin-Teng Lin, a researcher from the team that developed the helmet, stated that the technology is relatively cheap and portable.


According to the report, in such helmets, the method of converting brain waves with artificial intelligence is "ethically less ambiguous and potentially less dangerous" compared to ideas like Elon Musk's Neuralink.

DeWave converts brain waves into words using large language models (LLMs) based on a large amount of EEG data.

Lin hopes to continue his research and achieve an accuracy rate of up to 90% in future readings.

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