Former Minister begins hunger strike; Court orders force-feeding

Mariusz Kamiński, Poland's former Interior Minister, now imprisoned for abuse of office, has started a hunger strike.

Publication: 18.01.2024 - 14:52
Former Minister begins hunger strike; Court orders force-feeding
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A report in Der Spiegel states that Kamiński received a three-year prison sentence for abuse of office. The former minister, who views himself as a political prisoner, initiated the hunger strike to protest his conviction.

Polish President Andrzej Duda, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, announced that the court has mandated force-feeding for the detained politician.

Background of the Case

Kamiński, who led Poland's Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) from 2007 to 2010, faced charges of abuse of office for political ends and incitement to corruption. The trial concluded in 2015 with Kamiński's conviction and a three-year prison sentence.

After he was elected a member of parliament for the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) in October, Kamiński was pardoned by Duda in 2016. He then declared non-recognition of the court that had sentenced him.

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