Yogurt company's unusual campaign: '$10,000' offer

Siggi's, a US-based company that produces traditional Icelandic yogurts, is offering a significant reward to individuals who can spend a month without using their phones.

Publication: 23.01.2024 - 14:19
Yogurt company's unusual campaign: '$10,000' offer
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The company aims to create awareness about the physical world through its 30-day Digital Detox Program.

In return, it is offering a substantial reward of 10,000 dollars (approximately 302,000 TL).

Siggi's states its belief in "the power of living a simpler life with fewer distractions," with phones being a primary source of such distractions.

According to a report on LadBible, an average person spends about 5.4 hours daily navigating through trivialities on their mobile phones.

Back to the Roots...

Kristina Drociak, the company's Public Relations and Digital Strategy Director, says this challenge is all about returning to the roots. Drociak adds,

"Our brand is based on stripping away the unnecessary; just like fewer ingredients in yogurt, we believe fewer digital distractions can lead to a more satisfying life. The program aims to show people the benefits of digital detox, in the hope that they can start new healthy habits in 2024 and beyond..."

Participation Requirements

Candidates wishing to join the program must write an "ambitious article" of 100 to 500 words explaining why they want to benefit from the digital detox and how it aligns with Siggi's brand philosophy.

The first week of February will see the announcement of ten lucky winners, each receiving 10,000 dollars plus a three-month supply of Siggi's yogurt.

Applicants must be 18 years or older, and for complete details on all restrictions, they should visit the company's website.

What is Digital Detox?

Digital detox is a conscious process of distancing oneself from technology and digital devices. It typically involves refraining from smartphones, computers, tablets, and social media for a certain period.

This process can help improve mental and physical health, encourage more interaction with the real world, and enhance overall life quality. Digital detox is implemented to reduce the negative effects of excessive technology use and maintain a more balanced lifestyle.

How to Do a Digital Detox?

To undertake a digital detox, one can follow these steps:

Define the Purpose: Consider why you need a digital detox and what you hope to gain from it.

Set Limits: Determine how much time you will spend on technology each day, such as not using your phone after 8 p.m.

Turn Off Notifications: Disabling social media and email notifications can reduce the need to constantly check devices.

Create Tech-Free Zones: Designate certain areas, like the bedroom, as technology-free.

Find Alternative Activities: Identify activities to do in your free time instead of using technology, like reading, walking, meditating, or taking up a hobby.

Conscious Use: Decide in advance what you will use technology for and how long.

Social Media Detox: Temporarily remove or limit social media apps from your phone.

Establish Digital Detox Routines: Consider doing a full or half-day digital detox weekly or monthly.

These steps can help reduce digital connections and spend more time outside the digital world.

Benefits of Digital Detox

Potential benefits of digital detox include:

Improved Mental Health: Constant technology use can increase stress and anxiety. A digital detox can help reduce these feelings.

Better Sleep: Blue light from screens can disrupt sleep patterns. Reducing technology use can improve sleep quality.

Increased Productivity: Constant digital connection can be distracting. A digital detox can reduce distractions and improve focus.

Strengthened Personal Relationships: Reducing technology use can enhance face-to-face communication and personal relationships.

Time Management: Spending less time on digital devices allows more time for other activities.

Emotional Well-being: Digital detox can help reduce stress caused by information overload and the constant feeling of being connected.

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