World's 'mental health' map published: What is the situation in Turkey?

International SOS, an international security and consulting firm with offices around the world, has announced risky destinations for tourists to travel to. One of the three interactive maps published by the organization is the 'mental health' map.

Publication: 27.12.2023 - 14:48
World's 'mental health' map published: What is the situation in Turkey?
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As the New Year approaches, in addition to the shopping frenzy, holiday plans are also becoming a focus for those who love to travel.

The cold and gloomy days of the winter season are prompting many people around the world to plan their summer vacations early.

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of options ranging from sunny Spain to enchanting Portugal, from the wine country of France to exotic Far East Asia.

However, while making these plans, it is important to be cautious and heed warnings.


International SOS's annual interactive maps classify countries around the world not only in terms of armed conflicts but also based on three categories: security, climate change, and mental health, according to their level of risk.

In these maps, countries are color-coded according to their danger levels. Turkey is in the 'medium risk' group on the security map.

Conflict regions such as Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and South Sudan are in the 'high risk' group.


Another important point emphasized by International SOS while making holiday plans for 2024 is the risks related to climate.

Due to the health risks increased by global temperature rises, it is mentioned that there is an increase in the number of such warnings.

Turkey is also in the 'medium risk' group in this list and in this respect, it is in the same group as popular holiday destinations for European tourists such as Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic.

The international organization advises holidaymakers to be cautious when planning for the 2024 holiday season and to avoid regions that may pose danger.


Another map published by the organization, the 'mental health' map, shows the proportion of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia cases in the population of countries.

In this list, Turkey is also in the 'medium risk' range with 12.5 - 15 percent, while it is observed that the risk level is quite high in many Western European countries, as well as our neighbors Greece, Syria, and especially Iran.

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