Woman spends $50,000 to clone her deceased cat

A woman has paid a biotechnology company $50,000 to create a genetic clone of her deceased cat. And the question is, did they succeed in creating an exact replica of the lost pet?

Publication: 27.03.2024 - 12:48
Woman spends $50,000 to clone her deceased cat
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A Canadian woman invested $50,000 in a US-based biotechnology firm for the cloning of her cat, aiming to produce genetically identical twins of her pet that died tragically at the age of five after being hit by a car in January 2022.

The genetic twins of Bear, named Bear Bear and Honey Bear, were cloned using his genes. Cloning animals is not considered a miracle anymore; scientists solved this puzzle decades ago and have successfully cloned numerous animals, allowing them to live for many years.


According to Chip, we are now seeing the integration of this technology into everyday life. Texas-based ViaGen is a renowned company offering cloning services worldwide.

Bear Bear and Honey Bear were born to surrogate mothers on January 10 of this year and spent two months at ViaGen's facility in New York before the woman was allowed to take them home. She emphasizes that both kittens resemble her deceased cat, Bear.

ViaGen also offers horse cloning services, in addition to cats. While cloning dogs and cats costs $50,000, horses can be cloned for $85,000. The demand for cloning cats and dogs usually comes from owners who have lost their pets, while horse cloning is often requested by farm owners looking to reproduce high-performance horses.

Although animal cloning does not pose legal issues, human cloning is heavily restricted. However, it would be naive to claim that these restrictions are not being secretly circumvented somewhere in the world.

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