Woman jailed for pushing friend off 60m bridge

A young woman was sentenced to prison after pushing her friend off a roughly 60-meter-high bridge into the water below, causing serious injuries, upon admitting to her actions.

Publication: 02.02.2024 - 14:51
Woman jailed for pushing friend off 60m bridge
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In 2019, at the age of 19, Taylor Smith pushed Jordan Holgerson off a 60-meter bridge, resulting in charges of "recklessly endangering her friend" after she pleaded guilty.

Smith was captured in a viral social media video pushing 17-year-old Holgerson.

During the trial, Jordan's mother, Genelle Holgerson, stated her belief that Taylor acted intentionally due to the severity of her daughter's injuries, noting, "Taylor didn't rush to see if Jordan was okay after pushing her; she left the scene. She didn't visit Jordan in the hospital or check on her well-being at home or act in any way like a friend."

Jordan was asked to testify in court but chose to remain silent. Her lawyer spoke on her behalf, saying, "The nightmare started as I was falling and turned into sheer terror. As I was pulled from the water, I thought 'I’m going to die' because I couldn't breathe. I watched my body change color every second."

Judge Darvin Zimmerman of the Clark County District Court then stated to Smith, "I think you deserve some time in jail."

Subsequently, after admitting her guilt, Smith was fined $300 and sentenced to two days in jail.

In her final court statement, Smith expressed, "I sincerely apologize to Jordan Holgerson, her family, and friends for the pain and humiliation my foolish actions caused last summer. Although it may seem I intended to harm and carried on without imposing any punishment on myself, that is wrong."

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