Why sleeping naked in winter can be good for you

As winter sets in and Christmas approaches, many of us prepare for cozy nights with hot chocolate, fluffy socks, and layers of sweaters. Nestling in warm beds seems just the thing for the season.

Publication: 18.12.2023 - 14:44
Why sleeping naked in winter can be good for you
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But, a sleep expert suggests a different approach: sleeping naked, even on snowy nights, could be healthier. Sammie Margo, a sleep expert with bed manufacturer Dreams, told Metro that contrary to popular belief, sleeping naked can regulate body temperature and enhance sleep quality. "It's a surprisingly effective way to stay comfortable in winter," Margo said, "and it boosts wellbeing."

The Sleep Foundation highlights the advantages of sleeping unclothed over bundling up. Sleeping nude not only aids better sleep but also promotes healthier skin. Insufficient sleep can lead to skin issues like wrinkles and dark circles. Hence, improved sleep from sleeping naked can enhance skin health.

Surprisingly, sleeping naked can also bolster relationships. Skin-to-skin contact is scientifically linked to reducing stress and fostering intimacy between couples by triggering oxytocin, known as 'The Love Hormone.' This also leads to increased self-confidence—a definite plus.

But how does one transition to sleeping naked, especially for those accustomed to pajamas? The Sleep Foundation advises starting with a shower before bed and fresh sheets to feel comfortable. Acclimating to the change can begin with sleeping in thin clothing or underwear before going completely nude.

Remember, it's still winter, so keeping a soft, thick quilt handy is wise to stay warm as temperatures fluctuate during the night.

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