Unusual sky phenomenon lights up Allentown's night

City residents initially believed it was the end of the world, but the truth was quickly revealed.

Publication: 31.01.2024 - 16:23
Unusual sky phenomenon lights up Allentown's night
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On the night of December 27, residents of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, witnessed an extraordinary event as the "sky changed colors rapidly and dramatically."

Videos captured by townspeople showed the sky transitioning from bright blue to purple, white, gray, orange, red, and even charcoal within seconds.

An individual known by the TikTok username @djcrx11, who witnessed the event, uploaded a video to the social media platform, comparing it to a scene from Netflix's popular thriller movie "Leave The World Behind."

While the viral videos left some viewers astonished, others took the opportunity to make light-hearted jokes about the unusual sky.

One user commented, "Someone must have adjusted the brightness settings of the sky," while another suggested a peculiar situation, saying, "There's a glitch in the Matrix."

So, what was the real cause of this phenomenon?


Those who feared the apocalypse were mistaken, as there was a straightforward explanation for this phenomenon. According to authorities, the rapidly changing colors of the sky were the result of a fire that broke out in a nearby substation and was quickly extinguished.

In a statement on Facebook, the Allentown Municipal government explained:

"Last evening, there was a transformer explosion on 13th Street and Washington Street. Following the explosion, there were power outages, including streetlights and traffic lights in the city center and the west end of the city. Our Traffic Department is doing its best to place as many temporary stop signs as possible. If you approach an intersection and the traffic light is not working, treat it like a four-way stop. Please drive safely within the city tonight..."

According to reports from the press, the outage, which left thousands without electricity, was only resolved late in the night.

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