Taylor Swift named TIME's person of the year 2023

TIME magazine has named Taylor Swift its Person of the Year for 2023. The announcement, made today, December 6, follows Swift's triumphant Eras Tour and its accompanying movie.

Publication: 06.12.2023 - 16:12
Taylor Swift named TIME's person of the year 2023
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The magazine recognized Swift for her dual success as an artist and businesswoman. Her achievements include building an estimated $1 billion empire and navigating the complexities of celebrity life.

In an interview with TIME, Swift reflected on her recent tour, which, after concluding in the US, is now reaching international shores. "This is the proudest, happiest, most creatively fulfilled, and freest I’ve ever felt," she said. She simplifies her career's complexity with a single question: "Are you not entertained?"

Now 33, Swift understands the impermanence of success. "Nothing is permanent," she acknowledged, emphasizing her gratitude for every moment of her current triumph. "I've had success taken away from me before," she added. Her philosophy in response to life's ups and downs? "Keep making things. Keep making art."

Swift also shared her perspective on dealing with adversaries: "There's no point in actively trying to 'defeat' your enemies. Trash takes itself out every single time."

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