Taylor Swift and Jay-Z to perform in Istanbul

World-renowned American singer Taylor Swift and rapper Jay-Z are set to perform in Istanbul, with Swift's visit planned for 2025.

Publication: 26.03.2024 - 12:59
Taylor Swift and Jay-Z to perform in Istanbul
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The global stars are making their way to Turkey for stadium concerts in Istanbul, following a successful agreement.

Festival organizer Özcan Ertaş announced that contracts for performances in Turkey have been signed with renowned music icons, including Taylor Swift and Jay-Z.

According to a report by Sabah, tickets for the concerts, scheduled for February 2025, will go on pre-sale on November 20.

Ertaş aims to bolster Turkey's music scene on the international stage and provide unforgettable experiences for art enthusiasts. "By hosting world stars like Taylor Swift and Jay-Z in Turkey, we aim to offer music lovers a unique experience. Equipment for the stage will be brought in by 200 trucks from abroad. These concerts will showcase Turkey's cultural wealth and musical diversity to the world," Ertaş stated.

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