Shakira and sons clash over Barbie Movie's message

Shakira reveals her sons "absolutely hated" the Barbie movie—a revelation that has sparked conversation far and wide. The film, which has otherwise basked in the glow of positive reception for empowering themes and Margot Robbie's applauded performance, now finds itself at the center of a different kind of attention.

Publication: 02.04.2024 - 15:54
Shakira and sons clash over Barbie Movie's message
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The accusation? Some claim Barbie swings hard with an anti-men narrative, a critique that's not just from random voices on social media but one that finds an echo in Shakira's household. The pop sensation, known for her hits like "Waka Waka," shared her sons' strong aversion to the film and, intriguingly, noted her partial agreement with their viewpoint.

Barbie, celebrated for championing equality and reshaping societal norms about body image and gender expectations, has been deemed by some as overly zealous in its approach. Critics have gone as far as to label it a "woke-a-thon," sparking debates across platforms about the film's messaging.

In a candid chat with Allure, Shakira delved into the reasons behind her sons' disdain, suggesting the film might have struck a discordant note with its portrayal of masculinity. "I'm raising two boys. I want 'em to feel powerful too [while] respecting women," she stated, stressing the importance of balancing empowerment without diminishing the role of men.

Shakira's nuanced take emphasizes harmony and complementarity between genders, arguing for a societal balance where empowerment doesn’t entail emasculation. Her perspective raises questions about the responsibilities and roles within societal constructs, advocating for a shared burden that honors both men and women.

As Shakira's comments ripple through social media, reactions range from disbelief to critique, with some questioning whether the pop icon's interpretation missed the film's broader message. The conversation has grown, with comments dissecting everything from Shakira's stance to the film’s intent and execution.

Greta Gerwig, Barbie's director, has previously addressed the film's polarizing responses, hoping it serves as an "invitation for everybody to be part of the party" and a medium to transcend outdated gender norms. As discussions unfold, the Barbie discourse seems to be more than just about a movie—it's a reflection of ongoing societal dialogues on gender, empowerment, and how we navigate these themes in popular culture.

As this conversation continues to evolve, it's clear that Barbie has become more than a film; it's a cultural touchstone sparking dialogue about gender roles, expectations, and how stories shape our understanding of these issues. Whether this discourse leads to consensus or further debate, one thing is certain: Barbie has left an indelible mark on the cultural conversation of 2023.

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