Russell Crowe: Descendant of England's last executed lord

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has revealed an intriguing detail about his ancestry on social media, sharing with his followers that he descends from the 11th Lord Lovat, Simon Fraser, who was the last person to be beheaded for execution in 18th-century Britain.

Publication: 06.01.2024 - 15:03
Russell Crowe: Descendant of England's last executed lord
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Crowe, known for his extensive work in Hollywood, stated that he is a direct descendant of Fraser, who was famously executed in 1747 for treason, marking him as the last person in England to be decapitated as a form of capital punishment.

In his social media post, Crowe shared that he had been conducting long-term research into his Italian roots. He mentioned being led astray by family stories and transcription errors. His investigation into Lord Lovat revealed the lord's intriguing personality, with Crowe noting, "He was known as 'The Old Fox'." Crowe also recounted an anecdote about Lovat's execution, saying, "He was still laughing when the axe hit his neck, dying 'of laughter', which is fascinating."

The actor, who remains engaged in exploring his Italian connections, described this journey of discovery as a wonderful experience, hinting at unexplored territories in his lineage and promising future adventures. Crowe also humorously remarked that despite Ridley Scott choosing Paul Mescal for the lead role in the sequel to "Gladiator," he believes he should still be compensated for the part.

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