Researchers identify 15 risk factors for early-onset dementia

Researchers have pinpointed 15 key factors that increase the risk of early-onset dementia, a growing concern among young adults. The study, analyzing data from 350,000 individuals under 65, highlights lifestyle and health-related risks, offering new insights into preventive measures.

Publication: 09.01.2024 - 11:52
Researchers identify 15 risk factors for early-onset dementia
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While dementia is commonly associated with older adults, there's a growing number of young adults diagnosed with early-onset dementia each year. Researchers from the University of Exeter and Maastricht University have identified 15 factors that increase the risk of early-onset dementia. They analyzed the biological data of 350,000 individuals under 65 years of age.

According to Independent Türkçe, the researchers stated in their article, "Our study has identified 15 lifestyle and health-related factors linked to early-onset dementia. A closer examination of these risk factors is crucial to understanding the underlying causes. Addressing these modifiable factors could effectively reduce the risks of early-onset dementia."

The 12 factors identified by scientists as related to early-onset dementia and their respective risk levels are:

Orthostatic Hypotension (more than four times the risk)

Depression (more than three times)

Alcohol Poisoning (about 2.5 times)

Stroke (about twice)

Genetic Risks (about twice)

High Deprivation (about twice)

Diabetes (more than 1.5 times)

Heart Disease (1.5 times)

Vitamin D Deficiency (1.5 times)

Hearing Difficulty (about 1.5 times)

High C-reactive Protein (about 1.5 times)

Loneliness (about 1.5 times)

Moderate alcohol use, formal education, and high physical strength were listed as factors that reduce the risk of early-onset dementia. The researchers described the relationship between alcohol use and dementia as "complex," noting that alcoholism increases the risk, while moderate alcohol consumption may reduce it. This reduction could be attributed to healthier lifestyles among moderate drinkers.

Approximately 4 million people under 65 worldwide exhibit symptoms of dementia. Each year, around 370,000 new cases of early-onset dementia are diagnosed.