Police warn about iOS iPhone's feature

Police have urgently warned about 'NameDrop', a new feature in the latest iOS update, which enhances the existing Airdrop feature by allowing quick sharing of contact information.

Publication: 27.11.2023 - 17:04
Police warn about iOS iPhone's feature
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The feature is designed to simplify the exchange of phone numbers, but police are concerned about its potential safety risks. Users might inadvertently share personal details with strangers due to a lack of understanding of the pop-up confirmation or by accidental proximity to another device.

The Watertown Police Department in Connecticut has advised disabling 'NameDrop', which is enabled by default. To turn off the feature, users should navigate to General - AirDrop and select 'Bringing Devices Together' to shut it off. Additionally, setting Airdrop to 'contacts only' is recommended to prevent receiving unsolicited content.

While some view the police's warning as alarmist, noting that both devices need to be unlocked and close together for the exchange, others appreciate the information for added peace of mind. The police's public service announcement aims to educate users about managing their privacy settings effectively.

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