Onstage fight leads to Brian Jonestown Massacre tour cancellation

During a performance in Melbourne, Australia, on November 21, the Brian Jonestown Massacre concert turned chaotic when two band members started an onstage brawl.

Publication: 27.11.2023 - 16:02
Onstage fight leads to Brian Jonestown Massacre tour cancellation
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The incident began when frontperson Anton Newcombe appeared to fire guitarist Ryan Van Kried mid-performance, after expressing his frustration with the crowd. The tension escalated when Newcombe and Van Kried exchanged heated words and gestures, leading to a physical altercation that required security intervention to separate the two.

The confrontation reached a climax as Newcombe swung a guitar at Van Kried, who then chased Newcombe across the stage, resulting in both musicians tackling each other to the ground. Following the brawl, Newcombe attempted to address the audience, expressing his defeat and receiving boos from the crowd. He was seen dodging drinks thrown by audience members as the curtain closed on the show.

In the aftermath of the incident, the remainder of the band's tour was canceled ahead of its final few dates, including a scheduled performance at the Theatre Royale Castlemaine. The venue announced the cancellation of the gig on medical grounds.​

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