Man and lover executed for murdering his two children in China

In China, a man and his girlfriend were executed for the murder of his two children from a previous marriage.

Publication: 02.02.2024 - 11:46
Man and lover executed for murdering his two children in China
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The father, Zhang Bo, and his lover, Ye Chengchen, were convicted of throwing Zhang's children out of an apartment window, leading to their deaths.

After starting a relationship with Ye, Zhang divorced his wife and plotted with Ye to kill his children. The court noted that Zhang began an "improper" relationship with Ye without disclosing his marital or parental status, and Ye continued the relationship even after learning the truth, which was deemed "malicious."

Ye viewed the two children as obstacles to her future life and marriage with Zhang, describing them as a burden. In 2020, Zhang threw the children from the 15th floor of his apartment.

The couple was executed in Chongqing City, as per the Supreme Court of China's ruling. While the method of execution was not specified, death penalties in China are typically carried out by lethal injection or firing squad.

Following the execution, the children's mother, Chen Meilin, stated, "The nightmare that has tortured our family for more than three years has finally ended."

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