Lapseki's famous fruits is now exported to Europe

The harvest of peaches grown in Çanakkale's Lapseki district, which attracts attention in the domestic and foreign markets with its taste, aroma and color, has started.

Publication: 21.06.2024 - 11:07
Lapseki's famous fruits is now exported to Europe
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"Lapseki peach", whose brand value increased with the geographical indication registration by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in 2022, is harvested from mid-June to the end of September every year.

Most of the peaches harvested from around 3 million trees on approximately 40 thousand decares of land in the fertile lands of Lapseki are sent to Germany, France and Spain.

District Director of Agriculture and Forestry Ali Kaçan told AA correspondent that there are nearly 40 varieties of peach.

Stating that the difference of Lapseki peach was revealed with the geographical sign registration, Kaçan said, "The season started well and continues. Our district has the characteristics of the transition climate, the soil structure is different. The fact that our producers are conscious in growing carries us to the top in peach. The products grown in our district go to the Istanbul market. Exporter companies have started to come."

Kaçan said that peach and nectarine production in the district is expected to exceed 150 thousand tons this year.

Stating that about 90 thousand tons of Lapseki peaches were exported last year, Kaçan said, "This year we expect more exports, around 110 thousand tons. The geographically registered Lapseki peach, which grows more delicious with the effect of soil structure and wind, attracts great interest in the domestic market as well as abroad. Lapseki peach, which stands out with its aroma, size and appearance, is especially popular in countries such as Russia."

Ali Cankara, who produces fruit with his father in Yeniceköy, stated that the yield of peach trees in approximately 90 decares of land was better than last year.