Lamborghini legacy unraveled: Beauty expert claims secret connection

A family drama entailing DNA revelations, love affairs, and a beauty expert's relentless quest for identity thrusts the Lamborghini family into the spotlight in a jaw-dropping tale that feels straight out of a blockbuster.

Publication: 01.02.2024 - 15:56
Lamborghini legacy unraveled: Beauty expert claims secret connection
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Meet Flavia Borzone, a 35-year-old beauty guru from Naples, who has turned the Lamborghini world upside down by asserting she's the family's hidden gem. Hiring a detective, she allegedly snagged a DNA sample from Elettra Lamborghini's pipette, claiming it holds the key to proving her as the long-lost Lamborghini love child.

The story takes a legal twist, with a dash of scandal, as Borzone takes the stand, armed with DNA results from Ferrara University that supposedly confirm her relation to Elettra. Imagine the courtroom tension as Borzone, backed by her lawyer Sergio Culiersi, insists the evidence is airtight - "100%" valid.

But hold on, the patriarch, 76-year-old Tonino Lamborghini, isn't having any of it. He vehemently denies being Borzone's father and fires back with a defamation lawsuit. Cue the courtroom gasps!

Just when you think it couldn't get any more Hollywood, Borzone drops a bombshell - a secret recording from 2019 where Tonino allegedly spills the beans about a past affair with Borzone's mother, Rosalba Colossimo

Lamborghini's legal eagles play their card, labeling the whole claim "unlawful" because Elettra won't hand over her DNA. Meanwhile, Borzone's lawyer spins it as a daughter's sincere quest for recognition, not a gold-digging scheme.

Adding a touch of heartache, Colossimo insists this isn't about the Lamborghini fortune; it's about her daughter wanting to know her roots. "If it were about money, I would've spilled the beans when Flavia was two," she says.

The trial will resume in March.

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