Jackson's unreleased tracks withdrawn from auction

The heirs of Michael Jackson have stopped the auction of the singer's "extremely rare and unreleased" recordings. The heirs' lawyers claim that the recordings were "unequivocally stolen."

Publication: 24.12.2023 - 16:47
Jackson's unreleased tracks withdrawn from auction
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The heirs of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson prevented the auction of the artist's rare and unpublished recordings. The Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house had planned to sell more than 24 recordings allegedly made by Jackson in 1994. However, the heirs, claiming the recordings were stolen, indicated they would initiate a lawsuit.

Michael Jackson's lawyers, asserting the theft of the recordings, demanded their withdrawal from the auction house. In a letter written by attorney Jonathan Steinsapir, it was emphasized that the recordings were taken without permission and belong to Jackson's heirs. The auction house, however, responded that it would not comply with these requests.

Nevertheless, the New York Supreme Court set a date to consider a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction request. Following this decision, the recordings were removed from sale. The auction of other items belonging to Jackson, however, continues.

Michael Jackson, who sold over 400 million albums throughout his music career, etched his name in history. Even after his death, his name frequently continues to appear in the headlines.

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