Gambler wins $10.1 million from $5 bet in Vegas

Megabucks slot machines, exclusive to Las Vegas, have a history of creating multi-millionaires, albeit infrequently.

Publication: 26.11.2023 - 15:20
Gambler wins $10.1 million from $5 bet in Vegas
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Since 2005, only 20 people have won multi-million dollar jackpots. This statistic underscores the extreme rarity of such large wins and the high risks associated with gambling on these machines.

Such machines are renowned for their life-changing payouts, but they also highlight the long odds against winning big in gambling. A gambler in Las Vegas hit an extraordinary jackpot, winning $10.1 million from a mere $5 bet. This rare event took place at the Aria Resort, where the tourist, who was not named, tried their luck on the Megabucks slot machine.

The story brings to mind the high-stakes gamble of Ashley Revell. In 2004, the Briton sold everything he owned, including his clothes, and bet it all on a single roulette spin in Las Vegas. His audacious wager, which was part of the reality show "Double or Nothing" and backed by an online bookmaker, resulted in him doubling his money to $270,600.

While these tales of fortune are captivating, the identity of the recent $10.1 million winner remains unknown. Winners often choose to stay anonymous for privacy and security reasons, and this case is no different. As remarkable as these stories are, they are exceptions in the world of gambling, where the old saying often rings true: "The house always wins."

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