Experts warn: 'Don't share secrets with AI'

Professor Mike Wooldridge from the University of Oxford, UK, warns against sharing personal secrets with artificial intelligence. He stated that everything written to AI-powered chatbots is used to develop future versions of these robots.

Publication: 26.12.2023 - 17:26
Experts warn: 'Don't share secrets with AI'
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As a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University, Mike Wooldridge cautioned against the disclosure of "secrets" to AI. He mentioned that sharing work complaints or political preferences with AI chatbots could lead to negative consequences for individuals later on.

According to The Guardian, Professor Wooldridge noted that everything shared with AI tools is used to enhance future versions of these tools and robots. He stated that sharing private information or confidential conversations with AI chatbots would be "extremely irrational."

An AI expert, highlighting that technology tells users "what they want to hear," emphasized that users should expect "considered responses" to their comments. Addressing the question to Daily Mail on whether AI could gain consciousness like humans, Professor Wooldridge stated that it is futile to look for consciousness in AI, saying, "There's no empathy or sympathy."

Explaining that technology doesn't work for this purpose, Wooldridge added, "Most importantly, it experiences nothing. This technology is essentially designed to try to tell you what you want to hear. And that's exactly what it does."

The AI expert advised that one should assume "everything you write to ChatGPT will be directly loaded into future versions of ChatGPT." Considering the current operation of AI models, he added that it is nearly impossible to retrieve information or data once entered into their systems.

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