Dan Levy explores new horizons in Netflix's 'Good Grief'

Emmy winner and "Schitt's Creek" creator Dan Levy is taking a leap from comedy to drama with his latest Netflix project, "Good Grief." This film marks Levy's first venture under his multiyear deal with Netflix, showcasing his versatility as a writer, director, and actor.

Publication: 03.01.2024 - 15:30
Dan Levy explores new horizons in Netflix's 'Good Grief'
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"Good Grief," streaming on Netflix from January 5th, introduces audiences to Marc, played by Levy, as he navigates the sudden loss of his husband, Oliver (Luke Evans). The movie delves into Marc's journey of rebuilding his life with the support of his best friends Thomas (Himesh Patel) and Sophie (Ruth Negga).

Levy aims to connect with his fans on a new level through this drama, diverging from his well-known comedic style. "It's rare to have the chance to do something so different from what you're known for," Levy comments on the opportunity provided by Netflix.

He reflects on the industry's tendency to typecast actors, expressing gratitude for the chance to explore a more personal theme in his work. "Good Grief" is not just a drama; it also highlights the healing power of friendship during grief.

Levy emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in friendships: "Sharing your fears or sadness isn't a burden but the greatest act of love." To foster a genuine bond among the cast, Levy, Patel, and Negga spent several weeks together before filming, including a team-building escape room challenge in London.

Levy's aspiration is to resonate with audiences across different genres. He draws a parallel between "Schitt's Creek" and "Good Grief," stating, "Both projects have a large heartbeat and I hope they will mean something to people in different ways."

This new direction in Levy's career with Netflix, which began in 2021, promises to bring fresh and heartfelt stories to the screen.

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