British woman marries Turkish barber after holiday romance: A love story bridged by Google translate

Shane Harding, a 28-year-old from Devon, found love in an unexpected place during her trip to Turkey.

Publication: 06.03.2024 - 13:25
British woman marries Turkish barber after holiday romance: A love story bridged by Google translate
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Accompanied by her sister, Shane downloaded Grindr, hoping to meet someone LGBTQ+ friendly to show her around Istanbul. That's when she connected with Mert Isrem, a 29-year-old Turkish barber. Despite the language barrier, with Shane speaking no Turkish and Mert not fluent in English, they relied on Google Translate to communicate. Their bond quickly deepened, leading to a year of traveling between the UK and Turkey before they married last June.

Shane, now a content creator, recalls their initial interactions fondly, highlighting the ease and connection they felt despite the language differences. "Mert didn't speak any English when we met. We used Google Translate, and I felt at home with him. We shared dinners and explored Istanbul. By the fifth day, I knew I had fallen in love," Shane said. Mert, equally smitten, cherished their magical start and never anticipated marriage until meeting Shane. Their wedding day, celebrated among family and friends, was a culmination of their whirlwind romance.

The couple's story began in June 2022, when Shane was exploring Istanbul while her sister recovered from surgery. Despite geographical distances and initial hesitations, their first meeting led to an inseparable five days. Shane's decision to express her feelings before returning to the UK marked a turning point, leading to a heartfelt exchange of mutual love.

The separation was short-lived as Shane returned to Turkey to spend two weeks with Mert's family, further solidifying their bond. A romantic proposal on a private yacht against the backdrop of a storm and a rainbow symbolized their unique connection and commitment to each other.

Now settled in Barnstaple, Devon, Mert has become fluent in English, and the couple navigates the joys and challenges of their intercultural relationship, including adapting to British weather and planning for a future together. Their love story, bridged by technology and mutual understanding, stands as a testament to the power of connection beyond language barriers.

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