Bought for 220,000 TL, became a millionaire: Treasure unearthed from home astounds

A hoarder who spent years collecting antique items embarked on a journey through time within the depths of a house he purchased, finding antique pieces that made him a millionaire.

Publication: 26.12.2023 - 14:09
Bought for 220,000 TL, became a millionaire: Treasure unearthed from home astounds
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Alex Archbold, who runs an antique store in Edmonton, Canada, bought the house of the piano teacher known as Madam Rac, Bette-Joan Rac, after her death in November 2020.

The dilapidated house, which Alex bought along with its contents, cost him 10,000 Canadian dollars (approximately 220,000 TL).

Alex, an antique dealer himself, stated in his YouTube channel Curiosity Incorporated, "The person who lived here was very interested in fashion, so it’s very likely that some of these items could be designer."

He was right...


While cleaning the house, Alex first found a 100-ounce silver ingot, jewelry hidden inside slippers, diamond rings, and several designer clothes.

Realizing quickly that he could earn much more than what he paid for the property by selling the antiques, Alex described this as "the best investment I've ever made."

From the first auction of the antiques found in the house, Alex earned £150,000 (approximately 5.5 million TL). It's estimated that he will make a total of around £230,000 (approximately 8.5 million TL) after everything is sold.

The items sold at the auction include designer clothes predominantly from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, considered among the finest examples of the era's fashion, and a piano.

The mentioned clothes feature French seams, hand stitching, and fabric embellishments, reflecting some of the finest craftsmanship of their kind.

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